Formation hydrogène - maîtrise des risques de la filière hydrogène

Formation hydrogène – maîtrise des risques de la filière hydrogène

Les technologies de l’hydrogène décarboné jouent un rôle majeur dans la transition écologique, contribuant à réduire l’impact environnemental des activités industrielles. Dans ce contexte, il devient essentiel d’appréhender la sécurité industrielle de la filière hydrogène. Chez Gesip, en tant qu’expert de la sécurité industrielle, notre objectif est d’accompagner les acteurs de la filière hydrogène en…

Gesip offers distance learning

Gesip, a reference in industrial safety, innovates and offers distance learning. By taking into account the different particularities of the industrial sector and in a quality approach, Gesip develops its training offer. You will find 100% distance learning courses, others that combine distance learning and face-to-face training, and others that are more advanced.

industrial risks

How to prevent industrial risks?

On an industrial site, the risks of incident exist. It is imperative to reduce them as much as possible. The 1960s marked the beginning of a real awareness of these risks. Since then, strict regulations in this area have started to develop progressively at both French and European level. Indeed, from...

tanker training

Reportage : Training of the tanker

Anne-Laure Robert, in charge of refueling operations at an airport, recently followed, with other participants, a refueler training course thanks to Gesip. She decided to come back on this experience "rich in thrills". The refueler training is intended for people working on an aeronautical platform and for those in charge of refueling operations. Why and...