Gesip, a place for exchanges and studies at the service of the industrial world

Risk management is based on the knowledge of events and the sharing of experiences.

Since 1953, Gesip has been reinforcing the safety of people and installations by transmitting knowledge through training and expertise.

Being a Gesip member will allow you to be an actor in the reinforcement of security, and to join a community of companies sharing the same concerns.

To guide the strategy and the fields of intervention including the request for the creation of new reference materials.
Benefit from the skills and network of Gesip experts, as a priority, by contacting the Technical Department, on questions or problems that you encounter within your company.
Access the technical guides developed by Gesip, some of which are part of the French regulations, as well as all other documents reserved for members.
Participate in the work of our technical committees, and mandate Gesip to provide a common response to technical and regulatory developments with the administration.
Be invited to meetings between industrialists and experts during which you benefit from the sharing of experience of all members but also from technical and regulatory information.
Take advantage of special rates for your training and expertise needs (consulting, studies, audits, technical tests...)

Membership in Gesip requires the payment of a fee. The amount depends on the activity of your company and the size of your workforce.