Controlling risks involves knowing events and sharing experiences.
Since 1953, Gesip has been strengthening the safety of people and facilities, by transmitting knowledge through training and expertise.

About us

Gesip provides services, training and consulting for industrial and logistics sites. Our area of expertise is fire, explosion, and toxic hazard control, and crisis management. Our mission is to improve safety performance and promote a strong EHS* culture.

To achieve its mission, Gesip relies on a team of industry and fire rescue specialists. We bring together a community of industrialists and develop professional standards.

This unique alliance of capitalized knowledge, industrial members, human skills, and real size infrastructures allows Gesip to offer high added value services.

* Environment, Health and Safety

Our history

Born from the meeting of three safety engineers wishing to share and leverage their know-how, Gesip has kept this unique trait since its creation in 1953: a strong will to share knowledge and skills necessary to advance the safety of industrial and logistics sites.

A non-profit organization since 1979, Gesip is now composed of French and foreign industrialists who promote and advance the safety of people and installations, and protect the environment.

About 60 member organizations are now working together to improve safety, making Gesip the a leading player in industrial safety.

Our values


We believe in an essential mission: advancing safety. We are committed to enduring positive value creation for all.


We believe in sharing and disseminating knowledge. Sharing knowledge and experiences is an invaluable asset.


We believe in proof by trial. We derive our strength from experience gained on the field, and analyzing facts accurately and impartially.


We believe in responsibility and integrity. We search for reliable and efficient solutions strictly and objectively.